Using an ATM

ATM in Seven-Eleven convenience stores

In some Seven-Eleven convenience stores, there is an ATM machine which accepts foreign bank cards. The procedure is straight forward, and English mode is available. You can choose Chinese or Korean menu as well. The locationsof nearest Seven-Eleven convenience stores are available here.

ATM in Post Office

Post office ATM machines accept many foreign bank cards (if not all). Please refer to the information provided by Japan Post. Service hours depend on the ATM machine location.

Operation can be a little bit of a challenge as the description on the screen may not be appropriate.

  1. Select "ENGLISH GUIDE" button at the lower right corner, even if you can understand Japanese
  2. atm01.png
  3. Select "OTHERS" button at the lower left
  4. atm02.png
  5. Select "OTHERS" button at the lower left, again
  6. atm03.png
  7. Select "WITHDRAWAL" button at the top right corner
  8. atm04.png
  9. Insert your ATM card as shown in the screen
  10. atm05.png
  11. Select "VISITOR WITHDRAWAL" button
  12. atm06.png
  13. Type your PIN with the ten key below (not the touch screen)
  14. atm07.png
  15. The ten key looks like as follows
  16. atm08.png
  17. Then input the amount in JPY. It must be multiple of 1,000 JPY. At the end, press "YEN" button at the lower right corner.
  18. atm09.png
  19. Confirm the amount to be withdrawn, and press "ENTER"
  20. atm10.png
  21. Take your cash. Don't forget to take your ATM card
  22. atm11.png