Getting to Hiroshima

Many people may imagine Narita Airport (NRT) just outside of Tokyo as the point of entry for visiting Japan, however, it is recommended to touch down Kansai Airport (KIX) serving Osaka and Kyoto area unless you have other business in Tokyo.

The hyperdia-timetable is a great tool for planning connections between airports and Hiroshima (Note: enter the name of the airport such as "Kansai Airport" as your start point.)

The following are possible alternatives to get Hiroshima:

Once you get either Hiroshima Airport or JR Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen), please consult with the following:

International Flights to Hiroshima Airport (HIJ)

There are a few international flights operated to Hiroshima Airport. These flights are also convenient if you make a connection in Incheon, Taipei, Shanghai-Pudon, or Dalien.

Asiana Airlines (OZ) operates a daily flight OZ162 (code-shared as NH6986) from Incheon Airport in Korea to Hiroshima Airport in A321. The departure time is 18:40 and the arrival time in Hiroshima Airport is 20:05. As Incheon's minimum connecting time is 70 min., your arrival must be prior to 17:30. You can make a connection from most European flights and many of the U.S. flights. The returning flight, OZ161 departs in Hiroshima Airport at 09:40 and arrives at Incheon at 11:20. While you need to wake up a little bit early in the morning to take the Airport Bus service at around 7am, you will be able to make connections to various destinations in Incheon.

China Airline (CI) operates a daily flight CI112 from Taipei (TPE), Taiwan departing at 16:45, to Hiroshima (HIJ) arriving at 19:55 in B738. The returning flight CI113 departing at Hiroshima (HIJ) at 10:00 arrives at Taipei (TPE) at 11:50.

China Eastern Airlines (MU) operates a daily flight MU293 from Shanghai Pudon (PVG), China departing at 09:15 to Hiroshima (HIJ) arriving at 12:05 in A319. The returning flight MU294 departs from Hiroshima at 13:00 arrivs at Shanghai Pudon (PVG) at 13:50.

Air China International (CA) operates 5 weekly flights (except Saturday and Tuesday) CA153 from Beijing (PEK) departing at 08:30 one-stop at Dalien (DLC) departing at 10:40 to Hiroshima (HIJ) arriving at 13:30 in B733. The returning flight CA154 departs at 14:30 will arrive at Dalien (DLC) at 15:15 and Beijing (PEK) at 17:45.

China Southern Airlines (CZ) operates 4 weekly flights (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday) CZ647 from Dalien (DLC) departing at 08:25 arriving at 11:25 in A319. The returning flight CZ648 departs from Hiroshima at 12:25 arriving at Dalien (DLC) at 13:25.

From Kansai Airport

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the biggest airport in the western half of Japan, and mainly serves the Osaka and Kyoto areas. In early November, United Airlines operates direct flight to the U.S. in 5 flights/week. Northwest Airlines operates a daily flight from San Francisco as NW327. This flight stops at Narita and you may able to make a connection from a Northwest flight. But this flight arrives at Kansai at 21:20 and it is too late to make a same-day connection to Hiroshima. Eva Air (BR)'s twice a week flight to Los Angeles, has currently suspended its operation, and not expected to return back by November.

From Kansai International Airport, take the JR "Haruka" Express train to Shin Osaka Station (45 min., every 30 min.) where you can board the Shinkansen either "Nozomi" or "Hikari" train to JR Hiroshima Station (1hr. 45 min. 3-4 times in an hour). The fare is 11,730 JPY down to Hirohima (one way, reserved seat). Please buy your ticket through Hiroshima at the JR Ticket Office, marked in green, in Kansai Airport to enjoy a discount. While there are non-reserved seats available on both the "Haruka" and the Shinakansen, it is recommended to reserve your seat.

While the staffs at the ticket office are expected to speak English, you may want to print out a PDF file to indicate your intention to a staff.

The departure time of Haruka express train at Kansai Airport is as follows:

06:34, 07:27, 08:46, 09:16, 09:46, 10:16, 10:46, 11:16, 11:46,
12:16, 12:46, 13:16, 13:46, 14:16, 14:46, 15:16, 15:46, 16:16,
16:46, 17:16, 17:46, 18:16, 18:46, 19:16, 19:46, 20:16, 20:46,
21:31, 22:16
Note: You have to take Haruka express departing at 20:46 to reach Hiroshima in the same day.

If you take N700-series Shinkansen train, you have access to power for your laptop - all seats in "green-cars" (first class - there is a surcharge, additional cost is 3,490 JPY for Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima), or the window seat of regular cars. Unfortunately the Internet access service provided by N700-series trains is not available west of Shin-Osaka.

From Narita Airport

Narita Airport (NRT) is the largest gateway to Japan, serving Tokyo metropolitan area. As Narita Airport serves only a few domestic flights regardless of the destinations, getting to Hiroshima through Narita is not that easy.

There are three methods :

  • A daily flight to Hiroshima Airport
  • Narita Express and Shinkansen train to JR Hiroshima Station
  • Bus service to Haneda and a domestic flight to Hiroshima Airport

IBEX Airlines serves a daily flight NH3129 (code-shared as UA9731) from Narita to Hiroshima in a CRJ-100. Its departure time from Narita Terminal-1 domestic gate (south end after clearing CIQ) is 17:15. As the minimum connection time is 75 min. for flights arriving in Terminal-1 (Skyteam and most of StarAlliance flights) or 110 min. for flights arriving in Terminal-2 (One-World and other flights), your arrival time should be prior to 16:00 or 15:25 respectively.

The return flight NH3128/UA9732 departs from Hiroshima Airport at 07:55, arriving at Narita Terminal-1 domestic at 09:25 so that you can make a connection with many, if not all European flights. Minimum connecting time is 60 min. for flights departing from Terminal-1 or 110 min. for flights departing from Terminal-2.

Take a Narita Express (1hr. 12 min., every 30 min.) to Shinagawa Station then change to Shinkansen "Nozomi" to JR Hiroshima Station (4 hrs., 3 trains/hour). The fare is 20,440 JPY down to Hiroshima in one-way basis (if you ride in Green Cars, 28,840JPY). Please buy your ticket through to Hiroshima Station at the JR Ticket Office in the basement level of Narita Airport Terminal-1 or Terminal-2. The JR Ticket Office is marked as green. While the staffs at the ticket office are expected to speak English, you may want to print out a PDF file to indicate your intention to a staff.

Tokyo Station can be used to change from a Narita Express train to a Shinkansen train, however, it involves more than a 10 min. walk with baggages in always crowded passages. As all Shinkansen trains stop at Shinagawa, and you need to walk only a few minutes to the Shinkansen platform from Narita Express, the change in Shinagawa is much easy.

Narita Express departs the following time in Airport Terminal 1 station. Departure time of Airport Terminal 2 is 3 min. late:

07:44,  08:13+, 08:50,  09:15+,  09:45, 10:15+,  10:45,  11:15+, 11:45,
12:16,  13:15,  13:45,  14:15*+, 14:45, 15:15*+, 15:45+, 16:15*, 16:45,
17:16*, 17:44+, 18:15*, 18:48+,  19:15, 19:45*,  20:44+, 21:44 
Note: * trains doesn't stop at Shinagawa; use Tokyo station to change to Shinkansen.
Note: + trains operate E259-series cars and equipped with AC outlet in each seat.

All Shinkansen trains departing Tokyo/Shinagawa consist of 16 cars, car#1 is at the head and car#16 is at the tail, and total length is 400m. It is recommended to check your car number printed on your ticket. There are overhead signage panels to indicate the train number and corresponding door number in Tokyo/Shinagawa station. Each regular car has two doors; if your seat number is less than 7, you'd better use Shin-Osaka side door to minimize hasstle after boarding.

If your laptop requires AC power, you should choose a Nozomi train operated by N700-series cars. Departure time of N700 Nozomi trains at Shinagawa station is as follows:

06:00, 06:07, 06:23, 06:57, 07:17, 07:57, 08:17, 08:37, 08:57,
09:17, 09:57, 10:17, 10:57, 11:17, 11:57, 12:17, 12:57, 13:17,
13:57, 14:17, 14:57, 15:17, 15:57, 16:17, 16:57, 17:17, 17:57,
18:17, 18:37, 19:57
(Note: departure time at Tokyo station is 7min. earlier).

The AC outlets are available in all window seats (row A and E) in regular cars and all seats in Green cars (first class) in these N700-series Nozomi trains. There trains are non-smoking while a few smoking chambers are equipped.

Alternatively you can take a bus service (75 min. 3000 JPY every 15 to 60 min., departure bus depot #3 and #12 in Terminal-1 or bus depot #5 and #15 in Terminal-2) to Haneda Airport. The travel time is affected by traffic conditions, and you need to have an extra margin for the connection.

Haneda Airport has two terminals; if you take one of 9 daily flights to Hiroshima Airport by All Nippon Airways (NH), your flight departs from Terminal-2, while one of 7 daily flights to Hiroshima Airport by Japan Airlines (JL) departs from Terminal-1.

All Nippon Airways' flights to Hiroshima depart at

06:55, 08:15, 10:00, 11:05, 12:15, 14:15, 17:05, 18:30, 19:25
while Japan Airlines' flights to Hiroshima depart at
06:55, 08:15, 09:55, 11:40, 14:25, 17:05, 19:30

From Fukuoka Airport

While there is no long-haul flight, Fukuoka International Airport is directly accessible from Korea (Seoul, Busan, Jeju), China (Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenyang), Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, and Guam. Note that not all destinations are served on a daily basis.

From Fukuoka International Airport, JR Shinkansen Hakata Station is accessible in just 5 min - a 250 JPY subway ride. But you need to take a free shuttle bus (runs in every 8 min.) from the international terminal to the domestic terminal where the subway station resides. So it may be convenient to take a taxi to get to the Shinkansen Hakata Station (10 min. / about 1,300 JPY) directly from the international terminal especially if you have a big baggage.

From the Shinkansen Hakata Station, you can take "Nozomi" or "Hikari" train to JR Hiroshima Station (70 min. 8,900 JPY based in reseaved regular seat, one-way; additional 3,490 JPY for a green-car seat). Departure time from Hakata Station is as follows:

06:00,  06:04+, 06:30*, 07:00,  07:04+, 07:30*, 07:50,  08:00,  08:04+,
08:30*, 08:37+, 09:00,  09:04+, 09:30*, 09:37+, 10:00,  10:04+, 10:30*,
10:37+, 11:00,  11:04+, 11:30*, 11:37+, 12:00,  12:33*, 12:37+, 13:00*,
13:30*, 13:35+, 14:00,  14:04+, 14:30*, 15:00*, 15:04,  15:30*, 15:50,
16:00,  16:04+, 16:30*, 16:35,  17:00,  17:04+, 17:30*, 17:41+, 18:00,
18:04,  18:25*, 18:54*, 19:00+, 19:30*, 19:35+, 20:00*, 20:04+, 20:19+,
20:40,  21:11,  21:46=
Note: * operated by N700-series car
Note: + Hikari (8 cars, no green car)
Note: = Kodama (stops every station, omitted except last train)

From Hiroshima Airport

Note: The Airport Limousine Bus schedule has been changed since Nov. 1st.

Hiroshima International Airport is a little bit far away from downtown Hiroshima. The most convenient way is to take Airport Limousine Bus service to either Hiroshima Bus Center or JR Hiroshima Station.

Note: The Airport Limousine Bus schedule has been changed since Nov. 1st.

The bus for Hiroshima Bus Center departs from bus stop #1 at Hiroshima International Airport while the bus for JR Hiroshima Station departs from bus stop #2. The travel time is about 51 min. and 45 min. respectively when there is no traffic congestion. The fare is 1,300 JPY in either case. A round-trip fare is avaiable for 2,360 JPY, however, the ticket is valid only for 7 days. The bus ticket vending machines are available on your immediate left when you exit the baggage claim area.

The ticket vending machines accept any of valid Japanese bills and coins, however, they don't accept credit card. There is a convenience store just right of the vending machines. You can buy a bus ticket with your credit card there. If you buy a round-trip ticket (Ofuku in Japanese), the return ticket will be valid at least later November (longer than one purchased at a vending machine).

For those who arrive at Hiroshima Airport on an international flight, there is no ticket vending machine in the international terminal. You need to get out of the building, and walk to your right about a couple of minutes to the domestic terminal. See the terminal map of the Hiroshima Airport.

The bus departs in connection with domestic flight arrival. While the bus schedule is available, the bus departure may be delayed if the domestic flight arrival is delayed.

If you are going to stay at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, definitely take the bus to JR Hiroshima Station. The hotel is just a one minute walk after getting off the bus.

If you are going to stay at Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima, definitely take the bus to Hiroshima Bus Center. The hotel is only a couple of minutes walk from the exit of the Hiroshima Bus Center.

If your hotel is one of other IETF76 hotels, take the bus to Hiroshima Bus Center. Your hotel is about 15-20 min walk or a short 5 min. taxi ride (less than 1,000 JPY). Alternatively, take the bus to JR Hiroshima Station, then take a taxi (around 15 min, 1,200-1,500 JPY). If you have a lot of luggage and your hotel is neither of the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima or Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima, it is recommended to take a taxi for the last mile access to the hotel, especially if you can find other IETFer's with whom to share the taxi. Don't take a taxi directly from Hiroshima Airport as it costs more than 15,000 JPY.

From JR Hiroshima Station

When you arrive at JR Hiroshima Station by Shinkansen train, go down to the concourse level. There are TWO sets of ticket gates; in the center there is an information counter.

The gates on the "left side" of the counter go out from the ticketed area directly. If your hotel is the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, use this, and go down further to the ground level. When you go out from the JR Hiroshima Station, you should see the hotel on your left side. It is also a good idea to use one of the "left side" gates to take a taxi to your hotel especially if you have large baggage. It is a 10-15 min. ride and the fare is around 1,500 JPY. Print out a pdf file to show your way to the taxi driver. On your return trip, you should ask your driver to take you to "Hiroshima Station Shinkansen side"

If you are going to take the LRT (street-car) to your hotel, you should use one of the "right side" gates. Walk ahead for about 50m and turn right, and walk for a couple of minutes. At the end of the hallway, take the escalator on your left to go down to the ground level. Then make a U-turn to your right, go ahead about 30m, then you will see another set of gates on your left. This is a little bit tricky, however, you don't have to worry about it. Follow the majority of other people.

Go forward about 50m after you exit from the gate, you will see the boarding area for the street car. See a map.

  • To Oriental Hotel
  • Take street car #1, #2, or #6 and get off at "Hacchobori" (6th stop), and cross the street to your left. Go straight for 7-8 min. to south, and make a left (to east) when you encounter "Heiwa Odori (Peace Boulevard)". The hotel is on your left after a minute walk along the "Heiwa Odori".
  • To Rihga Royal Hotel
  • While you can take a street car #1 to "Kamiyacho Higashi" (9th stop), you can take a street car #2 or #6 to "Kamiyacho Nishi". Cross the street toward the north side (Sogo Department Store side) (don't go to south to DeoDeo -- a computer store), slightly go back to the crossing, then make a left (to north). After a couple of minutes walk you should see the hotel on your left.
  • To ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel or to Mitsui Garden Hotel
  • Take a street car #1 to "Fukuromachi" (10th stop). Across the street to your left, and walk along the street for one minute to south. Just before the large crossing, you should see "Shirahige Shrine" on your left. Make a left (to east) and you will find the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the Shirahige Shrine. If you continue walking 3-4 min. past the ANA you should see Mitsui Garden Hotel on your left.
  • To Sunroute Hotel
  • Take a street car #1 to "Chudenmae" (11th stop), the next stop after "Fukuromachi". Cross the street to your right side, go back for a block, make a left (to west), and you should see your hotel on your left after a minute walk.

From Hiroshima Bus Center

The airport bus arrives Hiroshima Bus Center as the second and final stop (do not get off at Nakasuji intermediate stop). Follow other passengers, you will see an escalator to go down to the ground level. When you reach the ground, you are facing east, and you will see a big street "Rijo Avenue". See a map.

  • If your hotel is Rihga Royal, walk to your left about 20m, then you should see the hotel in your 11 o'clock direction.
  • For other hotels, especially if you have a big luggage or your destination is Oriental Hotel, taking taxi is the most convenient way. You should see a sequence of vacant taxi cabs, and the fare is about (or less) 1,000 JPY. Print out a pdf file to show your way to the taxi driver.
  • If you want to walk to your hotel, walk to your right (to south), and go down to the underground. The elevator is at the crossing (about 50m) on your right. Take East-1 exit which is at the very south end of the underground street (an elevator is equipped with it) to go up to the ground level. Then walk to your left (to south) for a few minutes. At Shirakamisha Shrine (or 10m before the crossing with Heiwa Odori), make a left (to east). You should see ANA hotel on your left after walking about 20m. You need to walk additional few minutes to get Mitsui Garden Hotel on Heiwa Odori. If your hotel is Sunroute Hiroshima Hotel, after you exit from the undergound street, across the large street (Rijo Dori) to the other side, and walk a few minutes to south along Rijo Dori. When you encounter a big crossing with Heiwa Odori, you should see your hotel on your 2 o'clock. Across the Heiwa Odori, and make a right. The hotel is on your left after walking a minute.

Please note that the entrance of the Hiroshima Bus Center is at very near to the north-west side of the crossing (abour 40m south from the exit).