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Grocery Stores

There are several grocery stores accessible on foot from the venue:
  • Fuji Grand
  • Open 9am through 10pm while other tenants open 9am through 9pm daily. About 10 min. on foot from the venue. Cross the main street (Heiwa Odori) in front of the ANA Hotel, and walk along Heiwa Odori to your left (or East) until you see a Seven-Eleven convenience store on Heiwa Odori. Make a sharp right at the corner of the Seven-Eleven, and you will see Fuji Grand on your left.
  • Sun Mall
  • Open 10:30 am through 8:30 pm daily. About 8-10 min. on foot from the venue. Walk to your right from the ANA Hotel, and you will see another big street with a tram (Rijo Dori). Make a right and go along Rijo Dori to the North. Cross Rijo Dori at an appropriate light and walk to north along Rijo Dori. After you have passed by KFC, make a left, and you will see the entrance of Sun Mall. The grocery store is on the B1F.
  • Okazu Kobo (dish factory, if translated to English)
  • Opens 9:30am through 10pm daily. About 10min on foot from the venue. Cross Heiwa Odori and Rijo Dori (diagonal to the ANA Hotel), then go south along Rijo Dori to the 4th traffic light. You will see Okazu Kobo on your right.


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