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Computer Stores

There are a few computer shops in Hiroshima region, however, they are not specialized to carry cool stuffs which can often be seen in Akihabara. They are comparable to ex-CompuUSA or BestBuy in US. They are convenient stores to buy missing parts such as UTP cables, USB dongles, power adaptors, iPhone accessories, and so on. Please note in advance the followings:
  • Laptop computers including Macs sold in Japan are with Japanese keyboards whose layout is slightly different, and with Japanese version of OS. In Mac, you can change the language easily, but according to Apple Japan's policy the retailers don't carry US keyboard version of Macbooks.
  • DVD sold in Japan usually encoded as region-2, NTSC. Blu-ray is region-A.
  • Softbank sells iPhone3GS with contract. No cellphone sold in Japan is SIM-free. By the way, while it depends on roaming contract of your carrier, you may be able to use your iPhone in Japan. Make sure to disable data roaming as soon as you turn on your iPhone in Japan unless you are rich enough to pay the big bill.
Following are the computer stores in Hiroshima. All of them are within walking distance from the IETF venue. (sorry the links point the maps of the shops but written in Japanese)


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