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From Hiroshima Bus Center

The airport bus arrives Hiroshima Bus Center as the second and final stop (do not get off at Nakasuji intermediate stop). Follow other passengers, you will see an escalator to go down to the ground level. When you reach the ground, you are facing east, and you will see a big street "Rijo Avenue". See a map.

  • If your hotel is Rihga Royal, walk to your left about 20m, then you should see the hotel in your 11 o'clock direction.
  • For other hotels, especially if you have a big luggage or your destination is Oriental Hotel, taking taxi is the most convenient way. You should see a sequence of vacant taxi cabs, and the fare is about (or less) 1,000 JPY. Print out a pdf file to show your way to the taxi driver.
  • If you want to walk to your hotel, walk to your right (to south), and go down to the underground. The elevator is at the crossing (about 50m) on your right. Take East-1 exit which is at the very south end of the underground street (an elevator is equipped with it) to go up to the ground level. Then walk to your left (to south) for a few minutes. At Shirakamisha Shrine (or 10m before the crossing with Heiwa Odori), make a left (to east). You should see ANA hotel on your left after walking about 20m. You need to walk additional few minutes to get Mitsui Garden Hotel on Heiwa Odori. If your hotel is Sunroute Hiroshima Hotel, after you exit from the undergound street, across the large street (Rijo Dori) to the other side, and walk a few minutes to south along Rijo Dori. When you encounter a big crossing with Heiwa Odori, you should see your hotel on your 2 o'clock. Across the Heiwa Odori, and make a right. The hotel is on your left after walking a minute.

Please note that the entrance of the Hiroshima Bus Center is at very near to the north-west side of the crossing (abour 40m south from the exit).


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